Gilchrist Backblast

9.5 men met in the gloom to be broken to heal stronger… If you don’t sweat, it wasn’t a workout,& rain smells better than sweat.


Leon Backblast

After all our kids told us how great we were for Father’s Day, it was time to knock us back down. The morning didn’t include cinder blocks, logs or even Georgia Street for the 11 men met on this humid morning.  It was just a good old fashion grudge match back on the field battling each man’s endurance, grit and drive.  Sasquatch and Curley went to the next level wearing their rucks in preparation of the GORUCK Tough Challenge on July 22nd.  FNG Bobby Boone joined us for his first post after participating in Cathy’s and Little Debbie’s Tough Drinker group over the weekend.

Southwood Backblast

10 men left their fartsacks to end the week strong and go into the weekend reinvigorated. Private Ryan and Ernie McCracken made their first visits to Southwood for and old school Q.