Chiles Backblast – Deck of Pain

20 PAX with 3 FNG's and T'Ville continues to show up in good numbers as we plan for their new AO in the coming weeks. More information on that to follow. QIC promised Deck of Pain, and delivered though a double tab on the phone with 10 cards left forced us to improvise the last 10 minutes.

GoRuck 2017 Backblast

If you've never experienced a GoRuck, it's  difficult to explain the ups and downs over the 10-12 hours, but here's my recollection with some help from the PAX. Overall an amazing experience with 15 F3 guys along with 11 other rucks completing close to 16 miles. This is our story.

The Meadows

In the true gloom of the Meadows, 15 PAX met in the balmy 90 degree morning with 99.9% humidity. Based on the sad news out of F3 Lexington region a fellow F3 brother, John Flanagan “Cheech”, who passed away too soon after being hit by a car during an F3 workout. We honored him with a moment of silence before Lord’s Prayer.