The Hill will humble you . . .

8 men arrived in the 'true' gloom of the Meadows for a Friday Fun-Day led by Dimples. I've been hit or miss for the past few months so it was humbling to lead such a great group of guys this morning. ManGuy let me know last night he was bringing 5 gallon buckets, so I worked those into the Q as best I could.


Northside Getting Back in the Groove

6 men arrived at a warmer than expected Northside Q, though the wind chilled all which kept us moving quickly. All-Stars was called, with Pebbles leading out.

Thankful for Eleven’s

12 PAX met on a chilly 40 degree morning at the Wolf Den's including a guest visit from Robin Hood (great to have you brother). QIC promised light travel, so PAX stayed close to campus for 11's.

A one horse open sleigh

10 strong ones showed up in the gloom ready to work. They showed up to push themselves further than they would on their own and to be challenged by something guaranteed to be hard and a mission unknown. Its an honor to be a part of this group of leaders


With no one volunteering to lead Gilchrist today, all-stars was proposed so Rev and Cathy took charge for a great Thursday workout.

Bird? Nope. Plane? Nope . . . it’s BLIMPS

11 men converged at the Wolf's Den for a humid Wednesday beatdown. No one called the Q previously, so Dimples took the lead. During a recent post I overheard someone say the workouts were becoming easier, which was mentally noted, and used as fire for today.