Feels like my first time . . . .

6 men were met with 92% humidity on a beautiful balmy morning at the Bear's den with the return of Dimples after a 6 week work hiatus. No plans to lead this morning, however I found myself in the position for an impromptu Q.



#Accountability was the word of the day as you must be accountable in everything you do whether that be your home, workplace, community, or church. Accountability is a statement of personal promise, both to yourself and to the people around you, to deliver specific defined results.

The Hill will humble you . . .

8 men arrived in the 'true' gloom of the Meadows for a Friday Fun-Day led by Dimples. I've been hit or miss for the past few months so it was humbling to lead such a great group of guys this morning. ManGuy let me know last night he was bringing 5 gallon buckets, so I worked those into the Q as best I could.

Thankful for Eleven’s

12 PAX met on a chilly 40 degree morning at the Wolf Den's including a guest visit from Robin Hood (great to have you brother). QIC promised light travel, so PAX stayed close to campus for 11's.