Leon HIIT Squad

QIC: Rico Suave

Pax: Speedo, Zoolander, Jugs, Evel Knievel, Guns n Roses, Shooter McGavin, Ron Swanson, Antonin

9 Men met in the breezy gloom for HIIT workout.

Lords Prayer

Warm up: Mosey over to the Prison Yard

Partner Up

The Thang:

HIIT workout of the following exercises. One minute total (50 seconds of exercises; 10 seconds of rest). 3 rounds.

1) Squat + shoulder shrug (2-45 lb. plates or 2-35 lb. plates). Alternate weights each round.

2) Front lifts (25 lb. plates)

3) Burpee + pullup

4) Dips

5) Abs

Big Boy situps (Round 1)

Flutters (Rd. 2)

Bicycles (Rd. 3)


6) Thrusters – 40 lb. or 50 lb. sandy

7) Push ups

Step over cindy (Rd. 1)

One Legged (Rd. 2)

Decline (Rd. 3)

8) Water carry (Carry Buckets (2 – 40 lbs or 2 – 32 lbs) 50 yards (or more)

9) Abs

Plank (Rd. 1)

Side Plank (Alternate sides) (Rd. 2)

Scissors (Rd. 3)

Lap around track




COT:  Attitude of Gratitude. Finding time to share your time, talent and treasure is all a matter of priorities. Please take a few minutes this week to think about whether you are “investing” your efforts in the important things like your marriage, family or church. The Pax is all good. Jugs indicated Winthrop on Wednesday is up in the air due to the storm.  Stay tuned for more on that. Everyone stay safe this week!

Prayer (Jugs).




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