We thought we had 23…?

When: 10–3-2018

Where: Winthrop

Q: Jugs

Pax: Evel, Speedo, Bubble Jet, Spartan, Antoine, Shooter, Ron Swanson, Peter Pan, Wise Guy, Stump Jumper, Sleepy, Cappuccino, G n R, Little Debbie, Ele Jefe, Hawaii 5 Five 0, Private Ryan, Zoolander, Florence, Focker and Gypsy

The Thang:

What is Love? A little boy asked. The Old man smiled,
It’s what happens when pride burns to ashes”!

Lord’s Prayer

22 guys saw the gloom, posted, crushed 2.5 miles, reps and then some, made the time (with no penalty) and made themselves better while almost picking up a new FNG that was pretty amped up from across the Gloom. Looking back at it, we think he may have just been coming home from a long evening with no intention of posting.  Glad to have StumpJumper (Chip Fesperman)  join us again from Davidson NC. AS well as Wiseguy with his first Midtown post.

22 SSH (F3)

Lamps on for a 2.5 mile loop

3/4 Mile Uphill Shake and Bake to “Bench Work”

1st Stop

Pyramids 10 of each, then 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2….and 22 (66) to finish the burn

Merkins, Derkins & Dips


2nd Stop

2 min Wall Plank for message..

Measuring Life

Then Jesus said, “Beware! Guard against every kind of greed.  Life is not measured by how much you own.” (NLT) ( Luke 12:15 )

Greed is so difficult to identify in ourselves, yet so easy to call out in others.  This verse is most powerful when we apply it to our own selves.  When you feel an impulsive thought to take advantage of a situation for your gain, take a moment.  Think through your actions thoroughly and look at who loses with your gain.  Will your action bring you closer to God or further away from depending on Him?

RUN to Terrace Hill Base

3rd Stop

Buddy Carry up hill (x2)

Partner Back to Back Hill Push

RUN home….with Sprint

COT: Pax is well,. Great to have Stump Jumper join us again and congress on his F3 Challenge he recently completed.  Congrats to one of Evel’s 2.0’s for her achievement. Prayers for Sasquatch nursing an Injury, he will be back soon. Peter Pan has his 2/0’s wedding soon, prayers for him and the entire family. Please keep Gypsy and his wife if you prayers as the struggle with making a large decision of moving. Florence family friends boy Samuel is doing better, but a long journey ahead, continued prayers for him and his family. Wise Guy gave us a nice introduction and glad to have him in Midtown, thanks for making the journey as well as all the Southwood guys who continue to make it a priority. G n R Reminded us of “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” Great push, have a good week!





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