Southwood Backblast – We don’t need no stink’in triangles

Friday, October 5, 2018: Triangles

PAX: Sleepy(Q), Antonin, Little Debbie, Mickey Mouse, El Jefe, Rocks, Jaggernaut, Ron Swanson, and AOL

9 men met in the cooler but still hot gloom and soft grass at Southwood for some F3 math homework with triangles?

Lords Prayer

 Warm up: runner stretches, squat stretches

 Main workout:  Jog around the lake and where the path forms a triangle stop and do three different exercises.

Jog to 1st triangle
1st triangle (continue warm-up)
-25 SSH f3 count
-10 windmills front & 10 back f3 count
-25 Imperial Walkers f3 count

Jog to 2nd triangle
2nd triangle
pair up
Each pair does a total of
-100 incline merkins on the bench
-100 step ups on the bench
-100 dips on the bench
one person does the exercise while the other runs around the 2nd triangle and then they swap – keep going until all the reps are done.

Jog to 3rd triangle
3rd triangle
-15 burpees f3 count
-20 freddy mercurys f3 count
-20 lunges each leg

Jog to 4th triangle
4th triangle
-20 merkins f3 count
-25 air squats
-20 big boy sit ups straight count

bear crawl across the bridge to the 5th triangle
5th triangle
-25 plank jacks f3 count
-20 LCR crunches f3 count
-25 Mt Climbers f3 count

jog to 6th triangle (middle of the hourglass)
6th triangle
-10 body builders burpee with merkin & plank jack 8count
-25 flutter kicks f3 count
-20 frog jumps towards the flag 

Jog back to the Flag

Geronimo at the Flag

COT: Proverbs 12:25
Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up;
It doesn’t take much to give someone feeling down an encouraging word.

El Jefe brought up two upcoming events that some might be interested in.
Brewtallaty Offroad Duathlon – a Run-Bike-Run at Tom Brown Park on Nov. 10
Also the Tour of Felasco is coming in January.

AOL brought up the 11th Annual Robin Lotane Hurricane Run tomorrow (10/6) in Southwood.

Great push today, have a good week!

Prayer: AOL
then Pledge



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