The Building’s On Fire

Where: Leon

QIC: Zoolander

PAX: Robin Hood, Sasquatch, Spartan, Curly, Speedo, GI Joe, Shooter, Guns n’ Roses, Cappuccino, Ron Swanson, Antoine

Lords Prayer

The Thang:


  • Lap around track – warmup
  • Merkins crossing bags then bear crawl to beginning and do it again x2
  • Lap
  • Curls with bag/ruck – 30
  • Lap
  • Let me hear it – 25 per side
  • Lap
  • Water – Mile 1
  • Chest press – 50
  • Lap
  • Overhead press – 20
  • Lap
  • Crossed Leg Lift R&L – 20 per side
  • Lap
  • Spiderman Merkins – 20
  • Lap
  • Water – Mile 2
  • Plank Up Downs – 25 per side
  • Lap
  • Crunchy Frogs
  • Lap
  • T-Up Merkins 10
  • Lap
  • Curls with bag/ruck – 30
  • Water – Mile 3
  • Topper – Stadiums with 30 dips to start


We shared the importance of family and not missing the opportunity to do something with your kids.  Something you’ll never regret when looking back.

Battle For The Brave on October 13th at Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Havana. Funds raised will benefit First Responders. Red Hills Crossfit is putting on the competition that will include components of law enforcement agility and fitness testing. They are hoping to have competitors from F3.

Battle For The Brave

Cappuccino is leading his first Q next Monday



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