No bridge…No prob

When: 9–19-2018

Where: Winthrop

Q: Jugs

Pax: Hawaii Five 0, El Jefe, Curly, Little Debbie, Focker, Gypsy, Antoine, Cappuccino, Rico Suave, AOL, G n R, Sasquatch, REV, Florence, Sleepy, Doodle, Peter Pan, Crab Legs, Ron Swanson, GI Joe, & Speedo

22 Men came and conquered the gloom. Made themselves better, those next to them ..oh and crossed a creek and repeated reps.. which was flipping just cool..

The Thang:

Lord’s Prayer


Roll Call

22 SSH

22 Merkins

Lamps on..2.5 mile park Journey…with REPS as promised..

Jog to “Ring of Fire”

22 Merkins

22 Derkins

22 Dips (F3)

11 Merkins

11 Derkins

11 Dips (F3)

Run to Bridge (No bridge)

Pax was not turning around, so all 22 made it across creek.

Plank Hold

Jog to Main Bridge..

REPS (F3 Count)

22 Plank Jacks

22 Mt Climbers

22 Merkins

Plank Hold

Bridge Decline Rail Walks


Rinse (Find Jugs hidden Jug)

Big Hill Work

Partner Up

1st Hill

Arm cross partner leg pushes (Up big hill) Switch and Repeat

22 Merkin Topper

2nd Hill

Buddy Carry up


Mosey Down

Run to Ole’ Glory 100 yard Sprint in..

COT: Well done. Over back in action and off the DL. Prayer continue for Little Debbie’s Son William as they continue efforts in research. Florence asked to keep his friends 18 month old Samuel in your prayers as they battle with a serious health issue, they really need this fellas. Prayers for the JP2 Catholic team as they battle injury. Happy B Day to G n R and well done on his inaugural Q at Leon Monday. He is eager for a back to back, but I suggest someone stops that. REV reminds, Let Good keep you where you belong. If someone puts you in a situation, then someone takes you out, let God keep you there, trust in him.

During moments of weakness throughout the work out in the gloom, the Pax was remind of the below..Have a great week…go make someone else feel special this week and Don’t Complain…

Honoring God…

We dishonor God when we live with an attitude of ungratefulness.  We know we’re ungrateful when we are: constantly comparing what we have with the possessions or positions (or marriages) of others; continually complaining about the way “life” is treating us; always fearful, trying to manipulate others; and so on.

Free Gift

Yet it was our weaknesses he carried; it was our sorrows that weighed him down. And we thought his troubles were a punishment from God, a punishment for his own sins! (NLT) ( Isaiah 53:4  )

Jesus was born into this world with the mission to suffer and die for our sins.  He carries away our sins and the grief our sins bring.  All he asks from us is for belief. Open your heart and accept God’s gracious free gift of forgiveness today!

Why Be Afraid

I trust in God, so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me? (NLT) ( Psalm 56:11 )

Trusting in God puts your heart at ease because you no longer have to worry. Placing your faith in Him relieves all doubt and uncertainty about the future. Do not be afraid of what other people may do. The effects of their actions are temporary in comparison to spending eternity with God.




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