#Selective Hearing Redo

When: 9–10-2018
Where: Northside – Wolf’s Den
Q: Dimples
Pax: Waterboy, Iron Horse, Willie, Tap Out, Slowhand, Mensa, BrightSpot, Wise Guy, Fish, Hawkeye, QIC Dimples

After a failed attempt to Q in the true gloom of the Meadows on Friday, I pulled a mulligan and led 11 great men at Northside this morning. My original plan for the Meadows was an increasing rep count workout at #thehill however due to failed communication, I was recalled back to the fart sack Friday morning. With the idea top of mind, brought it to Chiles Monday which turned out to be a strong push for the PAX. The 97% humidity was also a refreshing way to wash away the Samford game and general debauchery from the weekend.

Lord’s Prayer

Mosey to block pile and grab a coupon – head to track for warm-up.

30 SSH
30 MC
10 Hip Flexers
30 Air Squats
Stretch and shake it out

Partner up and meet in football end zone for 100, 200, 300, 400, 500.

100 – Burpee Broad Jumps end zone to end zone (#mumble chatter fever pitch 2 mins in)

200 – Partner 1 overhead press, Partner 2 bear crawl to 50, mosey 50, mosey 100 yards back. 200 total reps for team.

300 – Partner 1 50 reps each of curls for girls, tricep extension, lawnmower pulls, Partner 2 PrimeTime’s to 50, sprint 50, mosey 100 yards home.

400 – Partner 1 100 reps flutter with block above head, 100 crunches, Partner 2 Karoke 100 yards down and back.

500 – 5×100 yard sprints on track starting 60% going to 110%.

Mosey back to block pile, then to flag for topper.

Since everyone loved the broad jump burpees so much, we finished with 2 minutes of pain up the hill by the flag. Nice way to top the 5×100 yard sprints. . . .


Enjoyed leading the PAX today and appreciate the push and support by all. Several prayer requests shared especially for family of Derek Stephens (spelling), who tragically lost his life at the youthful age of 44 this past weekend while coaching baseball. I did not personally know Derek, but several close friends did and learned he coached BrightSpot as well this morning. Prayers go out to his family.

It’s an unfortunate reminder that our time is short, and we make the most of it.

Be present, be accountable, be loving, be faithful, be a servant.

Prayer & Pledge

Until next time,


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