Check your Fruit…

When: 9–6-2018

Where: Winthrop to Trinity

Q: Jugs

Pax: Gypsy, Rico Suave, Antoine, Private Ryan, Curly, Sasquatch, G n R, Cappuccino, Sleepy, Peter Pan, Spartan, Ron Swanson, Crab Legs & Bubble Jet

The Thang:

Lord’s Prayer

15 Men gathered in more humid temps to make themselves and those around them better. All of this was accomplished.


25 SSH F3

Rinse..Lamps On

3m run to Trinity with Extra Credit

Mitchell Ave Uphill Shake and Bake to Micc.

1st Stop

Wall Dips

50 (F3 Count)

Mosey Down to Trinity School…

2nd Stop

Wall Work

Pyramids 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,……15 Reps with one min Planks holds




3rd Stop

Mosey to “The Hill”

Partner Up

Bear Crawl up

10 merkins topper

Sniper Crawl Down

10 Derkins


Partner Frog Leaps to merkin hold, other parent Frog Leaps over…to top of hill..


Its Fruit

“A tree is identified by its fruit. If a tree is good, its fruit will be good. If a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad.” (NLT) ( Matthew 12:33 )

We all know what a bad piece of fruit looks like. It’s unappetizing and mushy. It gets picked over at the grocery store. God desires more for you, and the fruit of your efforts should be good. What does bad fruit look like? One example is taking advantage of the poor. Conversely, good fruit can be seen when you display integrity, especially when no one is looking. Do your fruits get picked over because they are bad?

Up Hill Run Home with Reverse Shake and Bake (Thanks G n R)

30 Fence Hops and 200 Yard Sprint to end…


COT: Pax is well. Prayers for Focker and swift recovery for his back. The Thomasville Boys got a hold of him. Rico Suave fell victim to a “Lost Sole”, this is #2 in the last few weeks. I am not sure if they were Nike’s or what. Pax was reminded that making the easy design is not always the best decision.  Reminded during a moment of weakness and broken down form the Hill, the below passage.  Check you fruit! More importantly, make sure your tree is solid and healthy, therefore the fruit you give us is not spoiled… Have a great week.

Prayer and Pledge



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