Gilchrist 090418




Evil Knievel


Q– Rev

4 Men met in Gilchrist gloom to get better starting with the Our Father prayer at the shovel Flag.

Warm Up 30 SSH, 30 DQ’s, 30 Goofballs

The Thang Fartlek to Village Square to Thomasville Rd and back to Gilchrist with modified BLIMPS at 5-minute intervals. 20 LB ammo can was shuffled during Shake and Bake.

6 stops this time but 2 minutes over

BLIMPS- All Straight Count

5 10-count Body Builders

(not to be confused with man makers which are done with a coupon, merkin on the coupon then go to standing and press coupon overhead, then place coupon on the deck completing one man maker)

10 V-Ups

15 Imperial Walkers

20 Merkins

25 Plank Jacks

30 Crunches

Circle of Trust Evil spent some good time with the Family over Labor Day. Hawkeye is helping M’s mom with some needing home repair to help her downsize. Doodle is getting the brotherhood aspect of F3 that reminds him of the good Samaritan parable and how Jesus example is for us to help out our neighbor. We can always do better in that regard.

1 Cor 9 Paul talks about running the Race like we are doing at F3. We run in such a way as to win the race. The race being our testimony that we are followers of Christ. F3 is not just about getting stronger physically but allowing Jesus to break our spiritual muscles down. Paul ends the chapter by saying that he lets his body be beaten down “hypōpiazō”, that is, he allows himself to suffer so that when he really gets persecuted, he will be able to remain as who Christ is making him to be. Michael Phelps does this by repeating in his mind the perfect form he needs to maintain to be the fastest he can be. He swims to that constantly playing tape in his mind not to the racers beside him.

Last is the story about John McCain nearing dying before he crashed and became a POW. Some corrections about the story. It was the USS Forrestal and it looks like he was not the cause, but a plane across from his A4 skyhawk, (hawk…Hawkeye?) fired a Zuni rocket into either his plane or next to his. 134 sailors died in the fire. A retire Master Chief Petty Office that Rev went to church with in Jacksonville was one of the mechanics that survived the fire below the deck. Check out the story on Wikipedia.


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