Parks and Pavement

When: 8–29-2018

Where: Winthrop

Q: Jugs

Pax: Bubble Jet, Ron Swanson, Crab Legs, Peter Pan, Sleepy, Shooter, REV, Spartan, G n R, Little Debbie, Sasquatch, Curly, Rico Suave, Gypsy, Focker and Doodle

17 men met in the gloom, 17 pushed one another, 17 conquered the gloom..

Lord’s Prayer 0525


30 SSH

20 Merkin/Groiner

10 Lunge Groiner

1 mile Shake and Bake up hill to Betton Park

Partner Up (odd and even Bdays)

30 min “500” with 400 Meters Runs  (x 5)

Pax partnered up. Each team of two picked 5 exercises of 100 Reps (2 which have to be F3 reps, only one exercise allowed to be on your “Sixes”).

Other partner ran 400 meter loop while partner reps cumulatively….

Plank Jacks




Lunge Hops….just to name a few.

and more…

COT: Pax is well.  Weather still warm, but better. Prayers for all the elected officials and those still running. Crab Legs asks for work related prayers. We discussed giving “ALL” to the Lord, it is just what must be given for all he has given us.  Sometimes in life, it is not all about just “you”. We discussed small groups, get involved in one within your church or spiritual journey.  Some say “Well, I never got anything out of those, well, maybe, just maybe the other person did….” It’s not always about “YOU”..  Have a safe Labor Day weekend!

Your Own

Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. (NLT) ( Philippians 2:4 )

“You can fail at what you don’t love….you might as well do what you love…!” There is no other choice to be made really…

What are you doing to raise up and grow the faiths of others? Are you investing back into the community of your church from which you receive much yourself? Be intentional about taking an interest in someone else’s faith. Leverage the relationship with your children’s friends to bring them to church. Mentor someone and help them grow to be a better person. Tap into your connections to help a friend find work. This week identify someone you want to reach out to, strategize how you can assist them, make an action plan, then follow through.




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