2 Dozen…

When: 8–21-2018

Where: Winthrop

Q: Jugs

Pax: Mr. Mom, Focker, Zoolander, Antoine, Spartan, Rocket Man, Sasquatch, Curly, Little Debbie, Private Ryan, El Jefe, G n R, Cappuccino, Robbin Hood, Sleepy, AOL, Shooter, Crab Legs, Peter Pan, Ron Swanson, Spartan, Game Boy and GI Joe

The Thang:

Lord’s Prayer

24 Men posted in the humid gloom to make themselves better and those around them.  Some had a nice warm introduction to “The Hill”


25 SSH

Lamps on…

1 mile plus run to Ghazvini Center Hill

“Hill Work”

1st Hill

24 Merkins

Bear Crawl up

24 Derkins

24 Incline Merkins

24 F3 Dips

Plank Hold

Sniper Crawl Back down..(Robbin Hood purged this was the most Front Side Friction he had ha in a while)

2nd Hill “Partner Up”

24 Merkins

Joe Hendrix (Backwards Bear Crawl up_

While Partner Frog jumps to Burpee, Merkin and Plank Jack…Switch Half way

24 Derkins at Tp

24 Incline

24 Dips

100 Yard Sprint

Story Time…..

Falling Alone

If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. (NLT) ( Ecclesiastes 4:10 )

Work on growing your relationship with someone near to you. Maybe it’s a friend, neighbor, sibling, or parent. Maybe it’s your spouse, and life events have been pulling the two of you apart. Spend valuable time investing in these relationships, and not only will you get further in life than you would by yourself, but you will feel rewarded in being part of another’s life story.

3rd Hill

Buddy Carry Up


1 mile plus Journey home

**50 Merkin Penalty for pax leaving a man behind and crossing street without..

COT: Pax is well. Amazing push today. Those in the back were pushed hard and pushed through. Well done. Focker off the DL list making it look easy! We talked about the one thing you can not own is “TIME”, so make sure you use yours wisely and efficiently.  Q discussed the below passages and how they relate to life. Little Debbie mentioned the Grinch GoRuck Lite event Dec 15th, please sign up! Also there is a 911 Memorial Ruck happening. Details will be emailed. Have a great week…Work on your relationships with others…they just may come in handy!

Prayer (Peter Pan) and Pledge

Turn Your Eyes

Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word. (NLT) ( Psalms 119:37  )

In this fast paced, flashy world it’s easy to get focused on worthless things.  God’s word is the best reminder of what truly matters in this life.  The bible offers us the wisdom we need to navigate through the junk and towards truth.  If you feel distracted by “worthless things” start dedicating time daily to God’s word.





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