Wolf Den- 8/8/18-… Should have done an Ocho workout…..

Flag Plant: 5:18

Lord’s Prayer 5:25

QIC: Hawkeye

Pax: Iron Horse, Willie, Crab Legs, Rev, Cathy, Wise Guy, Doc T, FNG Ken Lambert, Waterboy, Gameboy

Warm Up:

30 Seconds each exercise, no stop in between- SSH, Squats, High Knees, Butt Kick, Basketball (Jump Shots), SSH, Squats, High Knees, Butt Kick Basketball (Jump Shots)

1/4 Mile Shake and Bake

Stretching…some Yoga moves….

The Thang:

HIIT Workout- Each exercise for 45 seconds. Complete 4 exercises with no rest. Rest 30 seconds, and repeat a total of 3 times.

1st set:

Super Manmakers- Using cindys; Deep Merkin/ Upright Row Right Arm, Deep Merkin Upright Row Left Arm- Hop feet hands, thrust squat up raising weight overhead- First move in this video: https://www.facebook.com/farmergym/videos/2118407738178205/

Squats with cindys, Deep Merkins, Reverse Lunges

2nd set

Speed Skaters, Log Jumpers, Ski Knees in Plank, Mountain Climbers

3rd Set

American Hammer, LCRC, Flutters, Sit Ups (Last set with Weight)


Wise Guy- Running in a Spartan sprint this weekend in Oregon with his sister who he hasn’t seen since he called her out for unhealthy lifestyle and she may kill him…

Rev- all went well with the wedding, all is good.

Ironhorse- Working hard to put on the Beer Festival and benefit local charities. Make sure to sign up to attend when tickets go live on the 10th.

Hawkeye- Trying to teach daughter that not liking something and finding it tough are two different things

FNG Ken Lambert- 2nd Post

DocT- Recruiting guys to do the 9/11 ruck in Jax on 9/6

Cathy- Working with Crablegs to put together a Christmas ruck.

Willie, Waterboy, Gameboy,  Cathy,- All is well.




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