Winthrop: All Stars

13 men arrived in the gloom for some all stars PT.

QIC: Rico Suave, Little Debbie, Sasquatch, El Jefe & Shooter

Pax:  Antonin, Speedo, Visa, Hawaii 5-0, Ron Swanson, AOL, Cappuccino, and Sleepy.

Lord’s Prayer

Warm-up (by Rico)
Jump ropes 50

Squat position toe taps (20 per leg)

Inchworm staggered arm merkins 20

SSH 10

Merkins (right arm way out) 10

SSH 10

Merkins (left are way out) 10


The Thang

Little Debbie
200 m run around the trees to pavillion

20 Incline merkins
20 Derkins
20 Dips – Decreasing by 5 each round
5 Sit ups – Increasing by 5 each round (4 rounds)

Bench step ups 25 per leg

35 yard bear crawl

Mosey to playground and divide into 4 groups

Group 1 – Swing tuck merkins
Group 2 – Donkey kicks on the wall
Group 3 – Pull ups
Group 4 – 300 m run

Max reps until Group 4 completes run and rotate (1 round)

El Jefe
Mosey to field

Squat Jumps 20

Sprint 50 yards

Monkey Humpers 50

Sprint 50 yards

Lunges 20 (per leg)

Sprint 50 yards

Each exercise followed by 50 yard run and plank

Sit ups 50
Right over left leg raises 25 (and switch)
20 Merkins
Side situps 50 (and switch)
Toe touch crunches 50
Leg raises 50
Sprint to fence and back to Old Glory (150 yards)

Pax are well. A tough All Star beat-down meant there were more demands to get Jugs back at Winthrop ASAP.  Little Debbie announced the upcoming 5K Ruck that is being planned as well as the December 15th Santa GoRuck Light.  Pax with 2.0’s are enjoying the last week of summer before the new school year starts.  Speedo has the Q on Monday at Leon and will be in full uniform.


Pledge of Allegiance




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