A Tallahassee History Lesson

14 men met at the Lion’s Den to run, learn, run and sweat a lot. Mission accomplished.

Pax: Rocketman (Co-Q), Bubble Jet (Co-Q), Sasquatch, Cappuccino, Ron Swanson, Guns N Roses, Antonin, Shooter, Sleepy, AOL, Freedom, Curly, Speedo & Ricco Suave

Weather:  72 degrees with 1000% humidity.

Lord’s Prayer

Warm up:  Old man stretching w/ Rocketman history of Leon High; one of the oldest high schools in the country. Founded before Florida entered into statehood.  Was once on the outskirts of town, has hosted athletes, mathletes, movie stars, and a Florida governor over the years.

25 F3 SSH

On the run

Stop 1: Franklin Ave.  History lesson:  Used to flood a lot; levels high enough to move cars and, unfortunately, take lives.

20 F3 Merkins

Stop 2: Smokey Hollow: African American community displaced due to the construction of Appalachee Pkwy. Important part of Tallahassee’s history; just ask Cannonball Adderley and Famous Amos.

10 Decline Merkins

20 Box Jumps

30 Dips

40 Incline Merkins

Stop 3: Meridian Point Plaza, Cascades Park. Where two guys, one from what is now the Pensacola area and one from what is now the Jacksonville area, met in the middle and decided to that this was a fine place for the capital city.

                20 Merkins

20 Plank Skiiers

Stop 4: Centennial Field – Far edge of Cascades Park. Was once a minor league baseball field; hosted the Yankees and a fastball to Mario Cuomo’s head (thanks Ricco).

                Partner up

One partner does 100 yard sprint while other partner does movements.  Total counts:

50 Burpees

100 Merkins

200 Air Squats

Stop 5: Run to Capital City Amphitheater, Cascades Park @ 06:07 – A storm water facility disguised as a world-class park, inclusive of a beautiful music venue.

Brisk run back to the Lion’s Den

Sprint to the finish.  Home by 6:16.

Total distance covered:  3 miles according to the official Jugs’ measurement system.

Welcome back to Speedo after “summering” in East Tennessee.  Props to Rocketman for his first (co) Q.  Brothers are wrapping up the summer with travels and kid-sitting duties.

Rocketman led the group out in prayer & pledge.

Speedo has the Q next Monday.


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