Meadows Wet, Muddy, Humid

Location: Meadows
Date: 8
Peter Pan (#respect), Water Boy, Crab Legs, QIC Dimples

4 men arrived for the promised wet, humid and muddy workout in the true gloom of the Meadows. QIC had to modify his plans due to the numbers, but we pushed through and finished the week on a high note.

Lord’s Prayer

30 SSH
20 Merkins
20 Don Quioxtes
30 Squats
High Knees 50 yards
Butt Kicks 50 yards
Karaoke 100 yards

A few years ago I introduced the ‘DIMPLES’ as a modification to the traditional BLIMPS at the Meadows, and felt it was time to experience the fun again. Rather than the traditional 5, 10, 15, … counts, this is a straight 20 count for each exercise. The Meadows is the only home for this exercise since we rely on the fence for most of the circuit.

20 Dips
20 Imperial Walkers
20 Merkins (incline/decline)
20 Pull-Ups
20 Lunges
20 Electric Slide (fence hop side to side for 100 yards)
20 Squats (10 sumo,10 jump)
Back to field, mosey 50 yards, sprint 50 yards
60 second Plank
Complete 2 circuits, then RINSE.

The ‘Hill’ is part of the Meadows culture, and hasn’t been in the mix in a few weeks (or at least when i’ve attended). PAX completed S&B back to the ‘Hill’ for some coupon fun with sprints.

Grab a coupon and meet at base of the ‘Hill’
Fortunately for us ground maintenance had recently cut back so outside of the mud and water, the grass was nice and trim! For good measure, quick bear crawl up with mosey down before the circuit.

10-20 count exercise with sprint up in between rotating sets and coupons.
20 Overhead Press / Sprint
20 Prison Squats / Sprint
10×4 count Flutters w/ Coupon / Sprint
10 Curls for Girls / Sprint
10 Mason Twists / Sprint
10 Overhead Press / Sprint
10×4 count Box Cutters w/ Coupon / Sprint
15 Merkins on Coupon / Sprint

Mosey back to 1st field
Plank Up/Downs x 10 then sprint to Old Glory @ Pavillion.

Great push by all that made it this morning as Q followed through with his three promises of a wet, muddy, and humid Q. Prayers for the Haywood family’s newborn son, Crab Legs’ friend Mason battling brain cancer, Peter Pan travel to P’Cola to get his HGTV on, and WaterBoy happy to be there.

Quote of the dayIf it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Until next time,


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