Winthrop: Horseshoe of Hurt

14 men arrived in the wet gloom for a parking lot beatdown.

QIC: Curly & Sasquatch,

Pax:  Freedom, GnR, Ron Swanson, Peter Pan, AOL, Cappuccino, Sleepy, Rico Suave, FNG Justin Mitchler, Little Debbie, Rocket Man, and Antonin.

Lord’s Prayer

Warm-up (by Curly)
SSH 50 (F3)

Merkins 25 (F3)

Plankjacks 25 (F3)

Mountain Climbers 25 (F3)

Burpees 15 (SC)

The Thang
Half mile run to 4Rivers parking lot for some Rev-style horsehoe work…

200 m run followed by an exercise; repeat run and stack exercise.  After burpees work back down the pyramid:

15 V-ups (SC)

15 Hip flexors per hip (SC)

15 Sumo squats (SC)

15 Hand-release merkins (SC)

10 Lunges per leg (SC)

15 Burpees (SC)

Had to head back when we got back down and completed  just V-ups & Hip flexors.

Half mile return run w/a 20 Derkin (F3) pit stop on the fence courtesy of Curly

Tag Ole Glory

Pax are well. Some demands were made to get Jugs back very soon.  Q’s took these demands as compliments.  GnR and wife were baptized over the weekend.  Good discussion on the F3 brotherhood and how accountability, hard work and pushing each other makes everyone better.  Jordan Merrick received his handle (Ron Swanson) after completing his 3rd post.  Prayers for LD’s friend, Kevin Smith, who unexpectedly passed away.


Pledge of Allegiance




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