Can we stay off the ground Jugs?

When: 7–25-2018

Where: Winthrop

Q: Jugs

Pax:  FNG Shington Lamy (sp) (2nd post), Crab Legs, Sasquatch, Zoolander, Cappuccino, Hawaii Five 0, Curly, Spartan, Guns N’ Roses, Shooter, Robbin Hood, Peter Pan, Rico Suave, Private Ryan, FNG Jordon Merrick (1st Post), Bubble Jet

17 Men gathered with 2 FNG’s to make their gloom buddy better….!

Lord’s Prayer

The Thang:

Quick Warm up


25 SSH

20 Merkins

Lamps to Street.

Trail and Park Run to “Ring of Fire” (2.75 miles)

10 Spider Derkins

10 Spider Merkins

20 Scissor Bench Legs (Per leg)


Run to Bridge…Bridge had been washed out by storm…. reverse…

Detour to Thomasville Rd, Run to McCord Park


2nd Stop: Plank “Over and Unders”

Pax is 5 ft apart, one starts under, then over….   X 1

Jog to Small Hill:

3rd Stop:

Partner Decline World War II setups with Partner Feet planks

4th Stop:

Big Hill

Partner up…Buddy Carry up x 1

Shake and Bake home….

COT: Great push, two FNG’s joined. Congrats to ALL GoRuckers Tough and Light. A little bird told me the “Light” was not so “LIGHT”… Great to Have Shington and Jordon out with us. Hopefully the continue. Prayers for our Future local and world leaders. Many prayers for all the families in the horrific Duck Boat Tragedy last week in Branson as well as the Greece fires.  Please keep Anthony O’Reily and his family in your prayers as he suffers from ot one, but two car accidents, at different times.  Peter Pan gave a few words of encouragement from Roosevelt. Have a great week.  I also shared the below passage. Very strong and hits most all of us.


Turn Your Eyes

Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word. (NLT) ( Psalms 119:37  )

In this fast paced, flashy world it’s easy to get focused on worthless things.  God’s word is the best reminder of what truly matters in this life.  The bible offers us the wisdom we need to navigate through the junk and towards truth.  If you feel distracted by “worthless things” start dedicating time daily to God’s word.




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