Flying High Now! (Theme song to Rocky)



10 men met in the gloom to make each other stronger, and help each other heal. Also to debate the merits of doing another Murph after a few pax had done two Murphs in 12 hours during the Tough and Light over the weekend. Since I was one of those dumb bastards, I called something different.

Q: Cathy

Pax: SS Minnow, Balboa, Iron Horse, Senator, The Count, Pebbles, Fish, Willie, and Zoolander

The Lord’s Prayer


25 F3-count SSH

15 F3-count Merkins

20 4-count Imperial Walkers

The Thang;

1/2 Mile Shake and Bake

10 Burpees

10 4-ct Lunges

10 4-ct IW’s

10 Merkins

10 4-ct Plank Jacks

10 10-ct Flutters

1/2 Mile S and B

Repeat above, except end with 10 LCRC Crunches

1/2 mile S and B

Repeat above except end with 10 4-ct Squats

1/2 Mile S and B

Repeat above except end with 10 10-ct Flutters

1/2 mile S ands B back to the flag

End with a 10 Burpee topper

COT: Pax is doing well. SS Minnow thanked everyone for their donations to help a soldier in need. F3 raised over $1600 in less than 24 hours. Good job gentlemen! Balboa, Fish, Zoolander, and I spoke about how awesome it was to hear about and witness F3 in action during the GORUCK events this weekend. F3 guys were always there to take extra weight, help those in need, and encourage those struggling. It makes us all proud to belong to this group. The Count returned to action after an extended hiatus, and needs to start making this part of his routine. Pebbles asked for prayers for his neighbor’s family. She passed away at home last week. Senator is happy to be able to get out here when he can. Willie said his wife is going to start Orange Theory, but the stuff she hears about GI Joe is very intimidating (OK, I made that last part up). Iron Horse had to leave early, but called a Murph for Thursday at Gilchrist, as he was getting into his car.

Pebbles led us out in prayer

Pledge of Allegiance






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