Chiles- Wolf Den- 7/11/18 – RUCK SUCK

QIC: HawkEye

PAX: Mensa, Bright Spot, Iron Horse, Wise Guy, Tap Out, Dimples, Willie, Pebbles, Crab Legs, Magnito and Rev

Flag Plant 5:20

Prayer– 5:25

The Thang:

Two Lines of Shake and Bake with Rucks on and 50 lb sandy per line. The sandy is run up from the back and passed thru the line. Run to the bridge.
SSH 20
Merkins 20
Squats 20
Flutters with Ruck Overhead- 10 Stright Count per Pax
Plank Walks with Rucks on spanning bridge (1 time each direction)
Continue Shake and Bake to bus ramp
Two line Bear Crawl with Sandy being dragged back thru line (Last man runs to the front)
Wall Sits with alternating Ruck out, ruck overhead while 1 Pax hauls the sandy up and down the stairs
Continue Shake and Bake Ruck around the Bus Ramp to the top
Lunge Down the big hill.
10 Squats
Bear Crawl up the Hill
Sniper Crawl Down
10 Squats
Crab Walk up the hill
Sniper Crawl Down
10 Squats
Mosey to the Wolf
10 Declines/ 10 Box Jumps
10 Declines/ 10 Box Jumps
Mosi to the Track
Drop the Ruck- Sprint 1/4 mile. All out, all Pax shooting for 1:40 we made 1:44
No Rucks- 5 SSH, 5 Burpees, 5 Squat Jumps, Sprint across field (Repeat)
Mosi to Flag


Pebbles had a strong finish to June for his team at work, hopeful to hit contest and win trip for he and his wife
Iron Horse- This is a Quote from Iron Horse, who heard it from Tap Out who heard it from Iron Horse. “F3 is designed that each Pax can always push themselves harder to make the workout more intense. Don’t be afraid to break down and fail so you can improve”
Crab Legs- First visit to Chiles
Bright Spot- Growing, being assertive.
Dimples- Registered for the tough!
Wise Guy- War X event back in Ohio on Saturday. Health Tip from the doc: At night you lose nearly 1 lb of water from sweat. Your first drink of the day should be water with a little salt” …. then you can have the coffee.
Rev- ” Where we spend most of our time is our idol: Its what we value most. Does your time spent match your values?”

Prayer and Pledge.


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