Lion’s Den: Rucks On…

12 men arrived in the humid gloom in time for a solid ruck strength and cardio session.

QIC: Sasquatch

Pax: Shooter, Zoolander, Gameboy, Evel Knievel, Crab Legs, , Spartan, Jugs, Cappuccino, Curly, Rico Suave and Mr. Mom

SSH 30

Imperial Squat Walkers 30

Merkins 20 (slow negative)


The Thang
800 m Shake ‘n Bake

Rucks on…

Bleacher Snake
Dips 30

Bleacher Snake
Spiderman Merkins 20

Bleacher Snake
Pistol Squats 30

Mosey to prison yard…

Iranians holding ruck out front & over head (1 min.)

Windmills with ruck (10L & 10R)

Lunge across parking lot

Bear crawl (1/2) & crab crawl (1/2) back

Rucks off…

3 sets
10 pulls-up and 15 dips

Mosey back…

Psalm 55:22
Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.

How often do we spend time worrying and stressing over the problems in our lives while letting it negatively impact our lives, loved ones and our well being?  Unfortunately for most of us, way too much.  Remembering that God has a plan and that He will carry our burdens is key.

Pax are good. Ruck training continues for those brave souls preparing for the next Tough. Jugs reminded us how precious life really is and to cherish every moment (  Rico Suave called the Leon Q for next Monday.


Pledge of Allegiance




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