Feels like my first time . . . .

Location: Gilchrist
Mensa, Cathy, Crab Legs, Bieber, Rev. Brown, QIC Dimples

6 men were met with 92% humidity on a beautiful balmy morning at the Bear’s den with the return of Dimples after a 6 week work hiatus. No plans to lead this morning, however I found myself in the position for an impromptu Q.

Lord’s Prayer

40 SSH
20 Don Quioxtes
30 Merkins
30 Squats
Rinse, mosey to bus ramp

Bench, Bars & Bus Ramp Circuit x3
10 Box Jumps
20 Dips
30 Incline/Decline Merkins
100 yard mosey in between each circuit with mixed in high knees and lunges x 3
Back to benches
Pulls – high, medium, low x 10
20 V-Bench Ups
Breathe . . . . . .

PAX made our way to the grass knoll for a sprint / burpee parade.
2 Burpees x 50 yard sprint
4 Burpees x 50 yard sprint
6 Burpees x 50 yard sprint
8 Burpees x 50 yard sprint
12 Burpees x 50 yard sprint (yes we jumped from 8 to 12; 2 burpees per PAX)

Mosey back to homebase to regroup and realize we still had 15 minutes to go.
1 set of BLIMPS
Parking lot suicides
Pinwheel Merkins on Curb (5 count)
It’s all about the core:
L over R Up & Outs x 10
R over L Up & Outs x 10
20 WWI Sit-ups
20 Crunchy Frogs
20 Supermans
3 minutes to spare . . .let’s do more BLIMPS!

Thanks for letting me lead a great group of men this morning as there were times the QIC struggled but having the support of the PAX kept me going. Prayer request from Cathy for Williams family with stage 4 diagnosis, Rev Brown happy to be back from the luxuries of Palm Beach and spending time with family, Mensa looking forward to Providence Canyon trip, and Bieber working on biblical teachings for teens.

Overall group ready to spend time with family and friends this summer and holiday week. It’s important that we don’t count the time, but make the time count!

Cathy coordinating a convergence workout + ruck for tomorrow. Email and information to be forthcoming.

Have a great and safe 4th of July!

Until next time,


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