Leon High Back Blast – Parkin’ Lot Party

Date: 7/2/18

Location: Leon High

QIC:  Rico Suave (49th B-day Q)

Pax: Evel, Sasquatch, Cappuccino, Balboa, Crablegs, Spartan, Zoolander, Curly

The Lord’s Prayer


Rucks On:

Arm Circles X 20 – each direction

Squats X 20 F3

Push Ups X 20 F3

Quick Stretch & Roll Call

The Thang:

Mosey to the Driver’s Ed. parking lot.

The 7’s (which turned into the 5’s after a few rounds.)

Cones laid out in 25 yard intervals for a distance of 100 yards.

With rucks and sandy mosey to first cone, do 7 reps of the exercise for that round, ruck to the next cone and do 7 more, repeat until 4th cone and then return back doing same. 49 reps of each exercise (35 once modified) and 200 yards per round.

Round 1: Shoulder Carry Sandy – Thrusters (Squat + Overhead Press) X 49

Round 2: Front Carry Sandy – Over Shoulder Toss X 49

Round 3: Farmer Carry Sandy – Biceps Curls X 49

Round 4: Bear Hug Carry Sandy – Side to side lift X 35

Round 5. Shoulder Carry Sandy – High Pulls X 35

Rucks Off:


Flutters with Sandy or Ruck overhead X 49

In and Outs with Sandy or Ruck overhead X 49

Crunches with Sandy or Ruck on chest X 49


Push ups F3 count X 15

Ruck on Front – Crab Walk to first cone and back

Mosey back to flag.


Galations 5:13  “For you were called for freedom, brothers. But do not use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh; rather, serve one another through love.”  The modern society view of “freedom” encourages hedonism, individualism, and minimalism to the detriment of the greater good – resist the temptation to take that path.

Pax is good.  Roughly half are participating in the upcoming July GoRuck Challenge. Evel’s family is coping with having to put down their dog of 13 years – please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayer: Zoo


Sasquatch has the Q next week.


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