F3 Southwood BB – This was a blast! Out of this world!

Date: 6/29/2018

Location: Southwood

QIC: El Jefe

Pax:  FNG Nick Erlandson, SS Minnow, AOL, Monty Python, Rocks, Sleepy and Visa

8 men left the fartsack for a little early morning workout with some surprising non-humid weather.  We also got to see the SpaceX Falcon Rocket in the early morning sky which was awesome!

Lord’s Prayer


Roll Call

25 SSH (F3 count)

The Thang:

Pax carried a 30 lb. plate for the ~2-mile field trip.

Stop #1

  • Mosey over to the tennis courts for a 2-minute wall sit while passing the 30 lb. plate back and forth.

Stop #2

  • Mosey to bridge #1
  • 50x air squats
  • 2x plank walk across the top of each side of the bridge

Stop #3

  • 3-minute break while watching SpaceX cruise through the sky.
  • 25x F3 count flutter kicks
  • 25x big boy sit-ups
  • 25x F3 county leg raises
  • 25x crunches

Stop #4

  • Mosey to bridge #2
  • 10x burpees at start of bridge
  • Walking lunges across bridge
  • 10x burpees at end of bridge

Stop #5

  • Stopped at the hourglass. 10 merkins at each corner/cross then a sprint to next corner/cross.
  • 60x total merkins
  • 5x ~100-yard sprint

Stop #6

  • Finished strong with a 3-minute round of plank circle. Entire PAX planks while someone runs around duck, duck, goose style tapping their foot.

Mosey back to Ol’ Glory….

COT: Q hit his 1-year anniversary of F3 last week but was not in town.  Discussed getting stronger through F3 over the year.  Not just physically, but spiritually and with his family.

Mickey Mouse reminded us that we all need to give our wives a hug because sometimes we forget all the things they do for our families.

We welcomed FNG Nick Erlandson for his 1st F3 workout.   Looking forward to him coming back.



Have a great weekend Gents!

El Jefe


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