Wolf Den/ Chiles- 6/13/18

QIC: HawkEye

PAX: FNG- Alan, FNG- Anthony, Waterboy Just 4 men met in the humid gloom of the morning to get stronger and better

The Thang:  Grab weight and go to track
SSH 10 F3 Count/ Burpee- Rinse and Repeat X5
1/4 mile Shake and Bake warm up
Stadiums on the small bleacher
Pull Up Decreasing Ladder 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 The remaining Pax rotated exercises while waiting
Anthony decided he wanted to pick up weight- we grabbed an oversized Pallet and carried it overhead for 1/8 mile-
Follow with 10 Squats while holding weight
Flutters- F3 X 10
Merkins X 10
Pick up Pallet again and carry 1/4 mile back to original coupons.
Coupon curls, overhead presses, while walking track to the WALL
Wall sits with weight, Hold out, Hold Up, Hold out, Hold Up
Inverted Wall Stands with Merkins X 10
Coupon Carry for stadiums, back to Wall
Merkins X 10 Flutters X 10 Crunches X 10
Take Coupons back to gate, drop weight.
Bear Crawl 1/8 mile, Crab walk 1/8 mile, Sprint 1/4 mile
Pick up Pallet and carry back/ Take coupons back home
Topper- Burpee, Sprint Hill X 5

COT:  HawkEye is back from a funeral. Anthony is 3rd post- came with Iron Horse, decided to defer name to Iron Horse at next post Alan is new to town and joining Radiology Associates as the new Pediatric Radiologist at TMH. Closed on a home in Golden Eagle, will be looking forward to the Touch Ruck in July and working out with the F3 group.  Waterboy is getting stronger and better with each day.

Prayer/ Pledge. 


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