F3 Winthrop Backblast 6/13/18

Pax: Little Debbie, Cappuccino, Sleepy, Rev, Crab legs, El Jefe, Private Ryan, Hawaii 5-0, Evil Knievel, Shooter, Gameboy, Curly, Bubble jet, Panda, Ricco Suave, Spartan, Peter Pan

Q: Robin Hood

18 PAX strong, Jugs! You would have been proud!

Lord’s prayer


25 SSH



Mosey to McCord Park via trails with exercises along the way…

Circle of fire: Box jumps and Flutters

Bridge: 2x Decline plank walks

Sprint to Trescott

S&B back to Winthrop park playground (2.0mi total)

Winthrop playground: 2 rounds of Pull ups X10 and BTTW plank holds

Sprint to flag

Jack Web Pyramid 1-10-1 

7 min Abs


The Creator of the universe gave us this day and is reaching out to us for a relationship with Him. Embrace Him.

Prayers to Pax who are traveling and prayers for patience during vacations with family. Inaugural F2 Card night at Ricco’s house was a success.

Rucking this weekend – stand by for details.

2 weeks until the summer Leon convergence (6/27, Wednesday at the Lion’s Den).

Spartan has the Q for next Wednesday.




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