Crab Legs & Crab Crawls…that’s a hill!

When: 6–6-2018

Where: Winthrop

Q: Jugs

Pax:  Alphabet Soup, Zoolander, Rico Suave, Cappuccino, Sleepy, Peter Pan, Focker, Robbin Hood, Evel, Hawaii Five 0 and Crab Legs

12 men met in a rather comfortable environment, until the destination was reached…

Lord’s Prayer


25 SSH

The Thang:

Field Trip to “Now, that’s a Hill!” at TMH

2 mile round tripper

Hill Work

1st Round

10 Merkins

CrabCrawl up

10 Guard Rail Derkins

Sniper crawl down

10 Merkins

2nd Round

10 Merkins

Inchworm to Merkin Frog jumps (up hill)

10 Guard Rail Derkins

90 second Plank hold

25 F3 Guard Rail Dips

Parking Lot Suicides

Devotion …

Listen To Correction

If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding. (NLT) ( Proverbs 15:32 )

Discipline can be a hard thing to take, especially as an adult when we are so used to getting everything our way. But isn’t it true that when you fight discipline it only makes things worse? Those who fight it end up feeling the pain much harsher. Public figures who deny scandals and later turn out to be true are disciplined much harsher. Don’t fight it and grow.

Crab Crawl down

Buddy Carry up…REPEAT


Head Home..

COT: Pax is well. Focker is recovering from a Bad wheel, but made the effort to get up and be in the Gloom. Alphabet Soups 2.0 “D & D” is doing great and he is very proud of him, so are we. A few rucks going on this weekend in preparation for the Tough in July. Prayers for Cappuccinos son’s friend who is having hip surgery and those in his care.Prayers for Jug’s friend Mason Snider as he will undergo another brain surgery in August. Poker nite it Rico Suave, so watch out. Tuesday night. There was some discussion that the winner will take the Q next Wednesday in my absence, but Robbin Hood took the pressure off. Have a great week. Keep your faith strong and build on your relationships.




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