Lion’s Den: Fun with Cindy

8 men left their warm fartsacks and showed up for some fun in the muggy gloom

Pax: Cappuccino, Freedom, Rico Suave, Zoolander, Jugs, Mr. Mom, Evil Knievel

Q: Robin Hood



SSH 25

Merkins 25

Windmills 10

Mosey around behind prison yard to grab a Cindy

The Thang

Partner up for 2X Rabbit and Bear on the track (Bear farmer carries 2x Cindy around track while Rabbit sprints around track in the same direction to catch up – each Pax was Bear twice and Rabbit twice. Total distance = 1.5mi)

Cindy “over and backs” at prison yard parking lot
As a team (one Pax does reps while other sprints to end of parking lot and back):
30 man makers with Cindy
60 dead lifts with Cindy
90 front squats with Cindy

Prison yard circuit – 3 rounds:
Pull ups to failure (10 min)
Alt shoulder presses with Cindy
Iranian 90s with Cindy

Bonus round for mutinous behavior: 10 Man makers with Cindy

Return Cindy to pile and back to flag

30 Up and Outs

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

This is the core message of our tribe, and though it is written on our T-shirts, it deserves repeating often:  We must hold ourselves accountable to our brother, who suffers more if we don’t carry our load. We run faster knowing they are carrying our Cindy for us or doing the reps for us. We do more reps knowing every rep we don’t perform means one more rep for our brother. In focusing on our brother, we perform at a higher level than if we worked out alone.


Pax are good. Zoo’s 2.0 has a busted landing gear. Prayers for a speedy recovery and for all the Pax travelling as summer vacations begin. Rico Suave called the Leon Q for next Monday.


Pledge of Allegiance




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