F3 Wolf Den: Agrarian Edition


Humid and Hot (and I mean Predator movie jungle sticky)

0515 QIC Manguy plants Flag

PAX: Ikea, IronHorse, Slowhand, Mensa (and Mensa part2, Nico), Hawkeye, Tapout, Gameboy, Waterboy, Cathy

0525 LP and Warm Up with no coupons: SSHX20, MtnClimbersX20, MerkinsX20C

Mosey with Coupon 800 yards to Practice Football Field where surprisingly and coincidentally 6 very large tractor tires full of water awaited (and one normal tire for younger FNG Nico)….one tire earned a name Bertha I recalled……tire

Game of Life: 1 man, 1 flip, no tire belonged to any one individual, 60 yards, Run back and forth between flips while QIC plays the sinister of bad habits and uses time to flip tires back, strategy here applies……..do not know how many flips or runs occurred but full blast for 15 minutes minimum…….

Return Tires back to original position, 60 yards, flip and rotate, flip and rotate…….

Tire Derkins or to now be called Turdkins X15C, Flutters X110

Mosey to Cinder Block wall for arm lock wall sits X60sec, armlock air squats Matrix style slow motionX10 back to 60 sec arm lock wall sits

Grab coupon and on to Hamburger Hill for overhead coupon runs up and down to burpee combo at bottom…..then Bear Crawl up and Sniper Crawl down Burpee combo to arm lock run up hill and down Burpee combo

Mosey 500 yards to Main Gate for Merkin/Dolly/Flutter Session and then Braveheart traverse across battlefield cry and sprint 200 yards to Flag.


Ikea is back from Sweden killing trees to fit in a Post as part of his 5 workouts and eating spinach each day; IronHorse takes long showers with old tire water; Gameboy brought his game truck to see if anyone was interested in virtual air conditioned post; Tapout told me he REALLY like Bertha and thinking this relationship has some tread left; Mensa culinary skills include rolling up bacon like a booger, throwing in oven into the delectable appetizer, bacon balls, FNG Nico showed out by showing up (well done my young gent); Hawkeye now looks like this after downing 5 pints of LaLa Land and then running/hosting a great 5k event this weekend…

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 12.39.17 PM

Cathy is excited about going to Harry Potter world at Universal and looking like this….potter

I, QIC, discussed the D2x shared by Dance Idiot at QSource 2.0.  Also, here is an excerpt from the article about focused targeting.     Stay thirsty my friend……..MG today33 Harry Gant Skoal Bandit Style



Targeting moves a man beyond himself

Right is the normal and upright position, the way the Creator formed us to live. A man who is Living Right keeps himself Right by helping other men to Get Right and stay that way. By hauling Survivors into his boat (at least for a season) and helping Sad Clowns flip their boats into the upright position, the HIM reinforces the Guardrails that protect his own boat from capsizing.

The Joy of Serving by seeking Advantage for others bolsters a HIM’s commitment to consistently and deliberately place himself behind his Creator and Community—what F3 calls Living Third. It results in the type of spiritual awakening that both inspires a recovering alcoholic to carry the message of AA to other alcoholics and enables him to continue practicing its principles in his own affairs. By focusing on the sobriety of other men, the alcoholic finds his own sobriety is easier to maintain.

In this way, the Targeting is akin to the 12th Step of AA. It is what moves a man beyond himself to what Maslow described as the very highest and most inclusive or holistic levels of human consciousness. It is what Christ called the greater love, the laying down of one’s life for his friends.

To Target is to give the greatest gift a man can provide, the freedom to move beyond himself into his High Impact Zone for it is only that he will find true Joy.


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