Southwood Backblast

“Day Care Dash”

  • When: 06/1/18
  • QIC: Monty Python
  • The PAX:AOL, Sleepy, Rocks, Mickey Mouse, Visa, Rob Duck- FNG, Brian Walgamott – FNG

8 men left their fartsacks to help Monty Python with his first Q.


Roll Call


Run around tennis courts

SSH 25 F3 count

Windmills fwds 10 F3 Count

Windmills Bkwds 10 F3 Count

Quad stretch left

Quad stretch right

Rower’s hammy stretch (fingers under toes and straighten legs)

Additional Stretch – ‘Get what you need’

Shake and bake round lake to first fork in path

15 regular crunches  F3 Count

Shake and bake to second bridge
Lunges to bridge
Bear crawls over bridge

Bear crawls back over bridge
Mosey to Creative Day CareABC’s
Plank walk with merkins along curb
Calf (“Carrrf”) raises on curb 25 in own time

Mosey from Day Care back to path
Shake and bake to bottom of hill / large green space

Jacob’s ladder – up and down hill / burpees at top 1x  through 6x
Mosey as group back to flag

Approx Shake and Bake distance of 2.5 -3 miles.


Monty Python – thanked everyone for the opportunity to take the Q, welcomed the FNG’s, encouraged them to come again.
AOL – School is out! Sleepy – Great reminder of ‘Iron sharpens iron.’ Rocks (forgive me I cannot read my writing from this morning!) Rob DuckFNG – seemed happy to be out dusting off a few years of inactivity and encouraged by peers.  Visa -prayers for families over the summer, cherish every moment especially with those about to go to college. Mickey Mouse welcomed the FNG’s again, encouraged them to come back and spoke about being a part of a bigger, local / national group. Brian Walgamott – FNG, despite knee injury, enjoyed his first visit. Monty Python, in a round about way, spoke about the importance and value of citizenship.
Pledge of allegiance
AOL has the Q for next week.



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