One Trailer….30 + Bags!

When: 5-30-2018

Where: Winthrop

Q: Jugs

Pax:  D & D, Hawaii Five 0, El Jefe, Curly, Sasquatch, Little Debbie, Shooter, Sleepy, Peter Pan, Robbin Hood, Spartan, Alphabet Soup, Evel and Bubble Jet

15 Pax decided to show after Alberto moistened the soil perfectly for Ole’ Glory to plant at Winthrop. War Baby D & D and War Daddy Peter Pan were there to partake, with Pater Pan surprising the Q with a trailer full of Sandy’s from Alberto. No one was empty handed…

The Thang:

Lord’s Prayer


Jugs “Post B-Day” Warm up…”The 40” (old school style)

40 SSH (F3)

40 Merkins

40 Lunges

40 Plank Skiers

100 yard Spring and Bake to circle

Plank Hold

Sniper Crawl to Ole Glory

Reverse Sniper back to position

10 Merkins

At Ease….Rinse…grab a Sandy

One “double” Zero…with SANDY!

10 LCP (Lift Clean Press)

60 yard run with Sandy

20 Sandy Rows

60 yard run with Sandy

40 Sandy Press

60 yard run with Sandy

10 Jack Webbs

60 Yard Sandy Throw, Frog Leap, Merkin Pyramids all the way across field…

Circle back and get last min, 25 more yards REPEAT

Mosey back to Flag.

Dual Sandy Famers Cary uphill and down.

All Sandy’s were removed from Peer Pans Trailer and taken o a hidden location for future Pax torture….



COT: Pax is well. Honored and Humbled by all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom. Little Debbie did 59 miles  in the D.C ruck. He will be back to claim his patch in November. Reminded that when you travel, find an F3 group.They are all over and great to mix in with great guys.  Q reminded himself and Pax, don’t hold grudges and work on relationships. If there is someone you have not talked to in a while, someone that you might feel like you are avoiding for petty reason, patch it up. Be the first to wave the white flag.  This doesn’t mean you are weak, in fact, it is strong.  June 22 Evel hosts a B-Day Q at The Meadows. Peter Pan encouraged more please post on Fridays there so he is not left with just Man Guy! Have a great week. 40 has never felt better, well, once that was all done..!







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