Amazing Grace

0520 Ol’ Glory planted, 0525 LP and Into Gloom

PAX: QIC – ManGuy (Daniel H. Wagnon), IronHorse, Tapout, WaterBoy, Slowhand, SS Minnow, Going Once, Magneto, Hawkeye, Pebbles, Willie


Pickup IceCube coupon, Mosey to Driver Ed, SSH X120, 12 Burpees, SunRise/Sunsets with Cube, Mosey to Backlot Fencing, Fence Plank Derkins X5c, Plank Walk, Derkins X5c, repeat, rinse X5, Mosey to Football Practice Fields, Hendrick’s with IceCube drag 50 yards, Mosey to second football field, Tractor Tire flips X100 yards, Arm lock wall sits 60 seconds, arm lock lunges X30, arm lock walls sits 60 sec, Mosey to Hamburger Hill, armlock sprints up Hill X5, Man-makers with IceCube X11, Mosey to Football Field, Plank 240 seconds, Spartan Burpee Frog Jumps X30 or 100 yards, whichever comes first…….Mosey back to Flag for COT


Felt a bit old school this AM with muggy conditions, a getting dirt in the crack, no time to talk, getting better, feel it the next day type Monday.    Pebbles’ fashionably late habit added some SSH and Burpees to PAX so he gets the QIC helper award today , SS Minnow got off Gilligan’s Island so welcome back to civil, IronHorse prefers drinking milk for strong bones and teeth in a biblical sense, a bunch of people went or are going to Disney to enjoy heat and crowds while kids lick the handrails, Magneto’s superhuman mutant powers to take over Earth must be taking a role on his calf……

Everyone, hum the tune as we did during tire flips to Amazing Grace as we all need to have more grace in our daily diet and to understand that grace will generate love, of which will defeat fear (and Magneto’s mutant friends or IronHorse when he finds Verbranium) in our lives if we let it.    Be better today and make a difference.



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