Downwind = Bad News

When: 5/8/18

Where: Gilchrist

Q: Cathy

Pax: Gameboy, Reverend Brown, Senator, Iron Horse, Going Once, Crablegs

Seven men met in the gloom to make the man next to them stronger.

Warm up (no rucks):

30 F3 SSHs

20 F3 Merkins

20 4-Ct Flutters

The Thang (rucks on):

Basketball Court:

Suicide bear crawls with 10 squats each return to the baseline.

Lunges length of court

14 10-ct Flutters with rucks overhead

Lunges length of court with rucks overhead


5 pull-ups, 15 squats, 10 derkins (rinse and repeat 2 more times)

1/2 mile mosey

Bus Ramp:

Tunnel of Love (3 rounds)

Step-ups, 10 each leg

Merkin ladder – 5 on ground, 5 middle bar, 10 top bar, 5 middle bar, 5 on ground

20 Dips, rucks on legs

14 10-ct Flutters with rucks overhead

Rinse and repeat

1/2 mile mosey back to flag

Rucks off

20 Up and outs

20 Crunches

10 Burpees

COT: Q is getting old and cannot remember what every said (I need to start taking notes). FNG Ryan Dugan got his F3 name – Senator (yes, he works in the House, and that’s what makes it appropriate). Gameboy is still nursing his shoulder, but happy to be back in the gloom. Going Once was there along with Rev. Brown, but I must have passed out when they spoke (sorry gentlemen, not sure why I blanked). Crablegs has his 17th interview in front of a panel of 50 (or something like that), and IH is teaching his boys that the after life is eternal, and they need to prepare to spend it with him, so he can continue to bug them about being prepared.

Prayer and Pledge

Thanks for allowing me the privilege of leading today!









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