One Leg Weight Vest Ass Kicking Contest

Date: 4-30-2018

Location: Leon

QIC: Zoolander

Pax:  Robin Hood, Evel, Ray Finkle, Shooter, Speedo, GI Joe, Cappuccino

Lord’s Prayer

Stretches + 3/4 Lap around track on the way to pick up Cindy.

The Thang:

Deck of Death team competition: Two teams of four fought through the deck, winner was the team with the most cards at the end.  Staged in the parking lot behind the boneyard, cards were placed at the far end of the lot, on go, one person from each team sprinted to the cards and brought back one card to their team.   Team completed exercises based on suit and number of card.  Team members also alternated between merkins and crunches while teammate was running.

Round 1:  Hearts = Dips, Clubs = Curls, Diamonds = Mountain Climbers (F3 count), Spades = Jump Squats, Joker = 10 Burpees.  Winner: Team 1 / Losing team 20 Burpees

Round 2: Hearts = Chest Press, Clubs = Lunges, Diamonds = Dirty Dogs, = Spades = Overhead Press, Joker = 10 Burpees.  Winner: Team 1 (Ran out of time so only partial round).

COT: Nice change of pace, fun was had.  Pax is well, GI has the Q for next Monday.

Prayer: AOL



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