Gilchrist:Awake from the deep slumber

When: January 30, 2018

QIC: GameBoy

PAX: Mensa, Balboa, Hawkeye, Mr. Mom, Private Ryan, FNG Kevin (Rip Van Winkle), Zoolander, Robinhood, Slowhand, Iron Horse, Little Debby, FNG Christian (Bieber), Sinkhole, Crablegs, Mickey Mouse, Pebbles, GameBoy

17 men (including two FNG’s who were given their new names) came out to Gilchrist to help prepare the guys that will be competing in this coming Saturdays club ruck off. There was over 700 lbs of coupons waiting to be hauled around.

Lord’s Prayer

The Thang

With over 700 lbs of coupons it was a difficult decision deciding on where to start. Once all weight had been picked up. We made our way over to the bench area in front of the school. There we snaked our way over benches and handing the weight off to someone else over the bar.

We crossed the bar 8 times while he headed to the square.

Once at the square, we took a quick breather and allowed the weights to be set down while we lunged, frog jumped, bear walked, planked, and did 10 F3 Merkins.

Picked the weights back up and took the long way back to school while rotating positions occasionally. Once back a couple ppl decided to prematurely rest their weights before the last man was in which resulted in a weighted penalty lap.

We ended with 15 burpees.


FNG Kevin was given the name Rip Van Winkle since today was his 3rd post and his prior 2 post were both over a year ago. FNG Christian was named Bieber after contracting an incurable condition called Bieber Fever several years ago.

Pledge of allegiance


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