• When:  January 29, 2018
  • QIC:  GI Joe
  • PAX:  AOL, FNG Lewis, Curly, Private Ryan, Evel Knievel, Zoolander, Speedo, Sasquatch, Shooter McGavin, Robin Hood, Sleepy, Spartan, FNG Kidd, Alphabet Soup, Mr. Mom

Sixteen men (including 2 FNG’s) posted at a damp Gloom in the Lion’s Den.   The theme was to be push yourself to be 2% better than you were yesterday.

The LORD’s Prayer


SSH x 25

Merkins x 25

Plank jacks x 25

400 meter jog

Prison Yard

Tabatas (40 seconds work/20 seconds rest x 2 rounds)

Round 1:  Pull-ups + dips + air squats + crunch frogs

Round 2:  Toes-to-bars + merkins + plank-to-pushup + squat jacks

Round 3:  Pull-ups + dips + jump lunges + mountain climbers

Parallel Bar Walk

Bear crawl/crab crawl suicides

Parallel Bar Walk

Split Squats (10 reps/leg, then 5 reps/leg)


The Q was able to listen to Dr. Myron Rolle speak over the weekend (because how many times will one get the chance to listen to a collegiate All-American, Rhodes scholar, former NFL player, and neurosurgeon speak?).  He adopted “#2%” as his motto–i.e.  make yourself 2% better than you were yesterday.  This was apparently what longtime FSU Defense Coordinator Mickey Andrews asked of his players each day.   This is attainable for all of us.  He spoke about IDENTIFYing what issues light a fire in your stomach.   LOADing yourself up with the knowledge to address the problem.  The final step was to MOVE and make yourself a player on the stage.   All too often, we are comfortable shouting our beliefs on social media, but then when time comes for action, we sit back and let others do the work.    So tomorrow, strive to do things 2% better than you did yesterday.  Strong work on the part of the two FNGs who posted this morning.   Looking forward to seeing you in the Gloom more often.


GI Joe




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