Chiles Backblast 8/16/17

Sorry Not Sorry

QIC: Fish
Flipper, Dimples, MacGuyver, Magneto, Hawkeye, Tapout, GameBoy, Focus Fire, FNG Dave Herrington, Willie, FNG Sean Snipe, Great Dane, Ski, Pappy, IronHorse, Slowhand, Blackfoot, IKEA
Warm up:
30 SSH
Mosey lap
Meat & Potatoes:
Bear crawl 5 yards, 10 Burpees, Sprint to start, 50 Crunches.  Repeat, adding 5 yards, subtracting 1 burpee and 5 crunches, x10
Shake & Bake 1 lap
Mosey to the wall for a 90 second Iranian
Dips x 20
Ab circuit, 10 flutters 10 bicycles, each man counts one exercise around the group
Mosey back to the flag
MacGuyver: Wife started a new job, settling in to new routine
Hawkeye: Focus on being authoritarian with daughter, less angry
Pappy: Wife is doing better.  Digger and Coach both working through knee issues
Ironhorse: Walk in your faith and ignore the noise outside.
Slowhand: In a good season of life, need to focus on the good and appreciate the calm that God has provided.  Remember to lean on God when things turn rough.
Fish: Job interview at DOE.  Praying for opportunity with position at Sailfish boats.
Message from Fish: Taking the Q
F3 gives the opportunity to lead people in all walks of life.  From construction workers on up to executives.  It puts you in a position to make choices and guide a group.  You will face obstacles and will have to overcome them dynamically.  It will build your leadership and public speaking abilities.  If you haven’t, step up to the plate and take the Q, the benefits expand far beyond the workout.

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