Sodden Sandy’s and a beeping safe…

  • When:  08/09/2017

  • Where: Winthrop Park
  • QIC:  Jugs

  • The PAX:  Freedom, Sasquatch, Visa, Peter Pan, Little Debbie, Shooter, Robbin Hood, Panda, Corn Bread, Zoolander, Homeboy, FNG John Ricco, Mickey Mouse and Mr Mom

15 PAX including 1 FNG showed in 99% humidity for an old school park and trail run with coupons consisting of Sandy’s, Rucks and the old faithful annoying beeping safe!

Roll Call (Name, Age, F3 Handle),



30 SSH

The Thang:  2.5 mile park run with Coupons..


1st Stop: “Ring of Fire”

10,8,6,4,2, then 15 reps of:

Incline Merkins



2nd Stop: Bridge…

Plank Walk to Jug’s Luxurious “Jug” to rinse…(which was one of the many coupons brought.

3rd Stop: Big Hill

Run up x 2 with coupons

Fireman Carry Up

Arm Lock Leg Push all the way up..

4th Stop: Playground

25 Groiner’s

Run Home to Ole Glory..

Great push by all men today!

COT: Freedom turns another year older, but thankful. Peter Pan’s mother in Law passed, prayers continue for their family. Visa’s son finger heals, after getting good news from doc. We discussed the importance of structure and prayers for all teachers, kids and parents next week as school starts.  Q stated, go out and do something different then you did today tomorrow, each hour we spend together here making each stronger and better, there are 14 or more after it…..what are you doing with them?!?!

Pathfinder Ruck 0700 Saturday and Shooter continues to strengthen is game of Golf!



Red Elephants First Q at the Lion’s Den Monday..have a great weekend.




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