Leon Backblast 7/31/17

Taking the Logs on a Tour…

  • QIC: Robin Hood
  • The PAX: Shooter, Sparky, Game Boy, Curly, Mr. Mom, Code Red, Corn Bread, FNG Ian Pitts

9 men left the comfort of their fartsacks to accept the challenge of another dreaded “log PT session”, courtesy of Robin Hood.




Mosey to Prison Yard

Pick up two logs, then:
Short practice raising and lowering as a TEAM
Shoulder up, travel to base of Georgia St.
LOG squats
LOG curls
Shoulder up, travel to 1st intersection
LOG Alternating shoulder presses
Shoulder up, travel to 2nd intersection
LOG squats
Shoulder up, travel to 3rd intersection
LOG … I was too gassed to remember…
Shoulder up, travel to top of Georgia
LOG chest presses
LOG sit ups
Shoulder up, travel back to Prison Yard
With LOGs up, 1 PAX from each TEAM steps out to perform 1 set of pull-ups (max reps), rotate through each PAX
Stow logs, then mosey back to flag
Ab Circle


Q reflected on the speed at which our summers pass us by as we fill the days with camps and family vacations. Stop to focus on the moment and appreciate the gifts that God gives us. PAX are well. FNG Ian Pitts “found us” on a Podcast. Who knew?

Game Boy Prayed us out

Shooter has the Q for next Lions Den



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