WAW Backblast

PAX – Red Elephant, Wolf, Spin Cycle, Bird Dog, Cornbread, Gameboy, Iron Horse on Q

7 men met to be broken to heal stronger

40 Side strattle hops

F3 20 Merkens


side hip flexers x walking flexers x 4

reverse side

roll to flutters/LCRC crunches / LCRC V’s/cross leg up & outs/flutters/box cuttersosey

monkey humpers

duck walk circle/reverse

red rocket leg lifts

mosey to field

inch worm pushes – 2 rounds

run around the tree way over there


around the tree again

lesson on 3 lift types (1,2,3 men)

LCRC step squats

around the tree again

ww1 sit ups

3 position merkens

mosey back for 10 burpee topper

COT – Red Elephant having a tooth pulled, Game Boy on parenting fun, reflections on Ezekiel opening the door for our personal accountability




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